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The Pure Heart

Class Description We learn from the Qur’an that success is for those who come to Allah with a pure heart. Since this is so, how does one go about refining their heart? The heart is the seat of character, and good or bad qualities reside here depending on our habitual actions. In this class, we will discuss how we can inculcate the attributes of sincerity, patience, reliance, and thankfulness into our hearts, so that we… Read More »The Pure Heart

The Path of Muhammad ﷺ (Tazkiyah Series)

Class Description Come dive into the inner world of Islam, the heart and fruit of Islam, which is the purification of the heart (tazkiyah/tasawwuf). In this 4-part series we will cover the famous book by the great 16th century scholar Imam Birgivi’s The Path of Muhammad ﷺ. Learn in detail how beliefs and ethical practices of the body, mind, and heart will transform the inner self and lead to enlightenment,… Read More »The Path of Muhammad ﷺ (Tazkiyah Series)