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Liberty and Justice for All

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Since the founding of our nation, the United States has failed to live up to its ideals of liberty and justice for all. Our police forces and our system of justice have not acted in accordance with the precept that all men are created equal. Our government has failed to enforce the constitutional mandate that all persons are entitled to equal justice under the law. To our abiding shame, Black… Read More »Liberty and Justice for All

Emotions of a Convert

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Emotions of a Convert Bismillah, I was raised Catholic, as a child I would go to church but never felt a connection. I knew there was a God; however I didn’t understand the beliefs of what the religion consisted of. I never really gave the religion much thought and went about my life. In 2011, I downloaded the Qur’an on my phone. During my commute to and from work I… Read More »Emotions of a Convert

Will Cheung

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Will Cheung A Convert’s Story I grew up in a typical Chinese family where religion was not a major aspect of my life. Like many immigrant parents, my parents encouraged me to go into medicine or engineering. My years in middle and high school were filled with science classes where basics like DNA and mitosis were taught. There was no mention of Allah in this secular and scientific environment. My… Read More »Will Cheung

Fatimah Madinah

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My journey toward Islam took place two years ago, when my life was an absolute mess. At this time in my life, I was in a very abusive marriage and extremely isolated from my family, and I was very depressed. I was ashamed to tell anyone of the suffering I was going through.