M.E.C.C.A has a bold vision of a tomorrow where Muslims are no longer looked upon with suspicion, but rather are admired for their good judgment, honesty, exemplary behavior, and tolerant attitude. A tomorrow where our society reaps the benefits of its rightly-guided Muslim citizens, where fresh Islamic thought can flourish and help to re-establish the moral values and ideals America was founded on.


Our work is not only rewarding, but also extremely important because it is an obligation on the Muslim community. We work hard to fulfill the fard al-kifayah (communal obligation) by ensuring that all students – born Muslim, new Muslim, and non-Muslim –receive sound knowledge from competent teachers who are proficient in their respective subjects and are also truly devoted to M.E.C.C.A. and its students.

It is essential for students to learn sacred knowledge. But, it is also important for them to learn and understand the beauty of our illustrious tradition. We are sincerely dedicated to reviving traditional Islamic learning and teaching our students the importance of sacred knowledge and its incredible resplendence


Our Mission

Education about the basics of Islamic faith, with a focus on teaching the faithful to love and respect all people whether they be Muslim Shia or Sunni, Christian, Jew, Hindu, Buddhist, Pagan, or any other religion, agnostic or atheist, whether their skin is black, white, brown, red or yellow, with the recognition that all people are God’s creatures, and all men and women are brothers and sisters to each other.



Thomas M. Wilentz (Mohd Yusuf bin Abdullah) - President

Mujtaba Tariq - Treasurer

Hajira Ali - Secretary

Fatima Jilani - Center Coordinator

Zai Jawat Ali - Volunteer Coordinator

Mateen Tariq - Marketing Director

Qaisar Islam - Creative Director/IT Director

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