What We Do

It is our responsibility as Muslims to help our new sisters and brothers learn the basics of the faith. At M.E.C.C.A. we support new Muslims and encourage them to become strong, positive, and knowledgeable members of the community. We strive to ensure they receive sound and authentic knowledge so that they can make a positive contribution to our faith and our country.

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Jumuah Prayer

Jumuah Prayer will resume at our new location (12 E 32nd st) on Fridays. Space is limited and doors will be closed once maximum occupancy is reached, so please arrive on time to ensure you get a spot. Brothers and Sisters welcome.

Wudu facilities at M.E.C.C.A. are limited please arrive with wudu.

We will consider starting a 2nd Jumuah Prayer in the near future.

Doors Open to Public

Khutbah Begins

Jumuah Prayer




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